A 2015 recap and some new resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! It seemed like now would be a perfect time to jump back on here and say hello!

I have been a little MIA lately. We have had an incredibly busy year, but in addition to that my computer crashed on me after the summer and was all but dead.  It was difficult to work with anything other than basic text, and editing photos and uploading posts was next to impossible!  However, I am practically giddy to announce that I have a brand new computer arriving in a few days and am confident that this little baby will make my jump back on the blogging train a lot easier and my content better!

I am so excited to be blogging more regularly again and I already have some content in the works. I am also planning some small changes to the appearance of Jillian Danielle as well.  Stay tuned!

This past year has been full of adventure for us, and mostly they have been fun ones. We have been through two house renovations, 3 mattresses (read about the great mattress search here), our first anniversary, our first garden, our first pets (farewell Walter #1 & Walter #2), our second Thanksgiving and Christmas as a married couple, our second vacation together and so much more!


Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt



Morel mushroom hunting in the springtime



Enjoying our new Chimea



Walter #2 – We miss this little guy



Celebrating our first anniversary



Sharing the top layer of our wedding cake




Emerald Isle, North Carolina









Some road trip boredom! 🙂



Stunning Autumn Walks



We grew and processed our own horseradish root



Merry Christmas!


Since today is the day we are all supposed pick our resolutions for the coming year, mine will be to be more organized… both with my time and in my home. Toward the end of 2015, I began to use a planner on the regular and soon started to see the positive effects it can have.  I want to really utilize the planner and its lists to maximize my time.  Also, is it too early to begin spring cleaning in January?  I am ready to dive in!!! 🙂


Planner is from Sugar Paper, available at Target

PS: To read this article I really enjoyed about home organization, click here.

I hope you all have a blessed year and that we can chat again soon!

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