Agave Lip Mask – The stuff that saved my lips

Every winter I suffer from extremely chapped lips. I mean not just dry, but the skin is flaking off and I could pull it off in sheets.  As a result, my lips are bleeding and cracked.  Is this gross?  Perhaps I should have started this with a disclaimer… “Warning: Discussion of flakey lips ahead”!

So each year I begin my search for all things in the chapstick or lip balm realm. And while they did moisturize, it was like they were simply softening the flakiness and nothing actually repaired the problem.

I have heard about the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask for a long time, but never tried it figuring it was just another of the many things that wouldn’t work and it had a fairly hefty price tag. Why is it that we always drag our feet on the one thing that will help us?

Agave Lip Mask 2

So a few weeks ago, after my husband told me for the thousandth time to stop picking at my lips, I decided to bite (pun intended) the bullet and give it a try.

The Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is a thick balm containing a lanolin base with lots of natural oils and extracts, and as a huge bonus, it does not contain any petroleum. When I say it is thick, I mean thick!  It is by far the thickest lip product I have ever tried, although it does melt into the lips once applied.  It is so thick, in fact, that I went outside once with the tube in my purse and it became so solid I couldn’t squeeze it out of the tube!

Agave Lip Mask 3

For my first try, I applied it before going to bed. And when I woke up in the morning… drumroll…  I could still feel it on my lips.  I had never, ever before had a lip balm that would stay on all through the night.  In fact, I would wake up with dry lips on the daily.

One week later my lips are almost completely repaired, not just softened, but repaired. The flakiness is gone and the cracks are healed.  I am still trying to get used to what it feels like to have “normal” lips during the winter.

Lips after agave

My lips, bare, after less than one week of use.  In cold, January temps no less!

If you have chapped lips and are hesitating on dishing out twenty plus bucks on a lip balm, hesitate no more.  If I had back all the money I have spent on the countless products that have failed me, it would more than pay for this one amazing product that actually works.

The Agave Lip Masks are a Sephora Exclusive and can be purchased there for $26.00. They also come in a couple other colors in case you fancy a tinted balm for daytime wear.

What is your favorite lip product for your dry winter lips? I would love to hear!

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