Weekly Roundup – Dog Days & Date Night

Happy Friday all!  Can you believe August is just three days away?!  I can’t.  Because that means September is just around the corner, which means that fall is just around the corner, and I’m not ready for that!  Except for boots.  I’m ready to wear boots.

Weekly Roundup Dog Days & Date Night www.jilliandanielle.com

This week we experienced a minor cool down after the hottest week of the year… we’re talking it’s 95 instead of 105 with 1000% humidity (extra zero is not a type-o).  You couldn’t walk to the car without breaking a sweat, so 95 is feeling pretty good!

Nate and I tried our hand at making salsa for the first time this week, and we were pretty pleased with the results if I do say so myself!  I will try to get the recipe up for you all soon!

Fresh Garden Salsa www.jilliandanielle.com

I got a bad cut on my pinky finger this past week, and have been sporting a pretty impressive bandage.  This means I can’t bend my finger, and I’m walking around with my pinky stuck out all the time.  I feel like a proper British lady at tea… I may be assuming a British accent soon.

Nathan and I are headed to a local theater for date night this evening to watch a live production of an Agatha Christie mystery.  We love live theater, and it always feels like a special occasion when we get to go!  I’m gonna be wearing these new wedges… I’m in love!  The brand is Aquatalia, which is an Italian brand, and I found them on sale at a local boutique.  I believe this style is discontinued, but the Aquatalia brand is sold at Nordstrom.  Very high quality shoes!

Aquatalia Wedges www.jilliandanielle.com

This week I shared about another favorite blogger, and also about what I do to try and combat negativity and choose joy.  Check back next week for my July Favorites and a new series starting on Wednesday!

Choosing Joy www.jilliandanielle.com

Photo courtesy of Wonderfelle

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend as we welcome a new month!

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Weekly Roundup – Accidents & Automobiles

Hello all!  Happy Friday!  I have taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging for the last week or two (thank goodness for scheduled posts), and have found it a little tough to get back on track.  You’ll have to pardon me if this weeks Roundup seems a little scattered.  Next week I’ll be back full force!

Weekly Roundup Accidents & Automobiles www.jilliandanielle.com

Photo courtesy of Ashley Ella Designs

I was thrilled this week when we bought a new car!  Well… new to us, because we rarely buy brand new vehicles.  It’s a pretty little Accord that has… wait for it… Dual Climate Control!  And heated seats!  I feel as though I’m in heaven.  Nate and I will finally be able to be in the car together without disagreeing over the temperature… what bliss!

Weekly Roundup New Car www.jilliandanielle.com

Nail color is Orly’s Nite Owl


Thank you to those who sent well wishes to my husband this week!  He has a sprain and a muscle tear, but everything should heal normally and we are thankful it was not much worse.

There is something about hot weather that makes almost any lip product feel heavy and gloopy on my lips.  I’ve been reaching for lip balms almost exclusively… THIS ONE and THIS ONE have been favorites!

YSL and Korres www.jilliandanielle.com

The first of my gladiolas are blooming!  These are some of my favorite summer flowers and I can’t wait to have a vase full on my kitchen table.

Gladiolas www.jilliandanielle.com

This week I shared the lasted edition of My Favorite Blogs and a neat hostess idea I used when we had overnight guests.  Be sure to check back next week as I share a few thoughts on how I combat negativity.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Weekly Roundup – Ice & Injuries

Well, I don’t have much to share with you all today as our week took a very unexpected turn!  The highlights of our week were as follows:

Weekly Roundup Ice & Injury www.jilliandanielle.com


  1. Injury
  2. Ice
  3. Crutches
  4. Compression bandages
  5. Doctors

Why, you ask?  My hardworking hubby was cutting some trees this past weekend and a limb fell towards him much sooner that he expected.  He injured his calf trying to avoid the falling limb.

He is unable to walk without crutches and we have been to several doctors to try to diagnose the injury.  He finally had a MRI late yesterday, so hopefully we will know exactly what happened soon!

Tree cutting can be very dangerous, and while I hate that he is hurt, I am extremely grateful that it was not much worse and that he should recover completely.  It has been my pleasure to take care of him, and I hate leaving him to go to work.  He has been a pretty pampered patient!

Sorry for the boring info, this has pretty much consumed our week!  On Monday, I shared my review of my new 2017 planner!  I chose the Rosa planner from Rifle Paper Co, and I included lots of detailed pictures with the review.  Be sure to check it out if you’re shopping for a new planner!

This week’s featured blog was Ashley from The Teacher Diva.  Do you know Ashley?  If not, click HERE to learn more!

My heart goes out this morning to the people of Nice.  It can be so discouraging to turn on the news every day and see another horrible thing happening in our world.  In my frustration I try to remember that God always has control of the situation and in Him we are more than conquerors.  “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”   

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I’ll chat with you soon!  Happy Friday!

Happy Summer! www.jilliandanielle.com

Photo Courtesy of Haute Chocolate

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Weekly Roundup – Family & Fireworks

My goodness, this week was a full one… full of activities and events that say ‘Summer”!

Weekly Roundup Fireworks & Family www.jilliandanielle.com

Of course, we kicked off the week with our family Fourth of July celebration!  We have our whole family over for food, fun and fireworks.  The Fourth is also my Dad’s birthday… so Happy Birthday Dad!

Fourth of July 2016 Collage www.jilliandanielle.com

Two days later I got to have a group of friends over for a great girls night. We do this once a month and every month has a food theme… this month was salads for summertime!  I made this super yummy Greek Chicken Salad.  You can find the recipe HERE… click it, do it, do it… you’ll thank me!!!

I am starting to get a few veggies out of my garden!  I have been researching recipes to make with kale, and I have my basil hanging to dry.  I tried this recipe for cheesy kale crisps… you can find it HERE, and I am dying to try this soup made with kale… you can find it HERE.  Yum!

Cheesy Kale Crisps www.jilliandanielle.com

Cheesy Kale Crisps


So, do you all have any diet tips for those of us who struggle with snacking?  I am really pretty good about controlling my portion size and eating decent meals, but it is always the snacks that bring me down.  I am a grazer!  Help!

This week on the blog, I talked about a new favorite lipstick and one of my favorite blogs for inspiring makeup tutorials.  Don’t forget to check back Monday for my review of my new 2017 planner!

My Favorite Blogs Edition 4 - Shameless Fripperies www.jilliandanielle.com

Thanks for checking out my Weekly Roundup!  What have you been up to this week?! 🙂

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Weekly Roundup – Friends & Food

Hello all!  Happy Friday!  Is it hot where you live?  It’s been boiling here!  Missouri is such a strange place… it’s dry because we need rain, but the air is oppressively humid.  This is a state of extremes.

Weekly Roundup Friends & Food www.jilliandanielle.com


We got to start off the week spending some great time with amazing friends.  We don’t live close, so we don’t get to see each other often, but whenever we do it’s like we were never apart.  Those are really the dearest friendships.

Friends www.jilliandanielle.com

Flashback Friday to some early makeup experimentation – Friends that play together stay together

I did some extra cooking since we were having company… this lemon pie recipe from Joanna Gaines was epic!  SUPER easy and beautiful too!  This warm spinach artichoke dip went perfectly with some evening drinks.

I ordered my new planner for the upcoming year!  So excited, it should be arriving any day!  No hints… I’ll be posting about it soon!  This week’s edition of My Favorite Blogs was about Katie from Cup of Tea… you can read Edition 3 HERE.

aprettierweb-phone-flowers-pencil www.jilliandanielle.com

I won a country ham this week from my work, purchased from our local county fair!  Have you ever cooked a country ham?  Waaaayy different from a ham bought at the store.  You have to soak the ham for at least 24 hours before cooking… fingers crossed this turns out!

Country Ham www.jilliandanielle.com

I am hosting my family for the Fourth of July, so it has been a busy week preparing for a fun weekend!  The fourth is also my dad’s birthday, so I will be making him a yummy ice cream cake!  I layer an oreo crust, chocolate & vanilla ice cream, chocolate candies (I use Reese’s, Kit Kat’s & Heath), whipped cream, and I make a flag on top with raspberries & blueberries!   Yum!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Fourth of July with family and friends, and remember to take a moment to reflect that we are blessed to live in the United States of America.

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