Happy Fourth of July!

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Happy Independence Day to you all!

We are living in a day where it seems America is attacked from every side, from inside our borders and without.

Let us not forget that America is a great nation, full of great people and difference makers.  It is easy to despair, because these people never appear in the news, but we can take pride in being an American.

Independence, hard work, free thought and free speech form the foundation of our country and we must fiercely defend them.

I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family!  Enjoy fabulous food and good times, and take a moment to celebrate America.


“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

“America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed it ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” – Thomas Jefferson


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Five Things I Have Discovered About Myself… And What I Have Learned From Them

As we get older, we often begin to identify certain traits about ourselves that maybe we overlooked when we were younger.  I think sometimes we can be reluctant to focus on our weaknesses, but becoming more aware of mine has help me to improve them and realize that they are part of what makes me… me!  He are five things that I have discovered about myself:

Five Things I Have Discovered About Myself www.jilliandanielle.com


This one was hard for me to actually admit. In my heart I am a Type A personality, and I desperately want to have a perfectly tidy home.  Plus I actually enjoy organizing and tidying.  I wish I could be one of those people who put things back in their place immediately after they use them.  But instead I set it down somewhere, and then a little pile grows, and then I have to go around and pick up the piles.  I KNOW it would be easier if I put things away as I went, but I just can’t manage to do it.

When I try to tackle housecleaning without a game plan I often get overwhelmed.  I am trying to make it a part of my daily schedule and I include it in my planner, allotting it a specific time to be completed.  That way if Monday’s job is dusting I can focus on that task ONLY, and not be distracted by vacuuming because I know that it will be done on Tuesday.  It is definitely still a work in progress, but it has helped me not be overwhelmed.


I was a little surprised to learn this about myself, because I can also be somewhat argumentative.  But I have always hated confrontation, so I guess it makes sense.  I very much want to keep people happy… I am the positive one, the peacekeeper, the negotiator.  Sometimes to much so.  Arguments can be healthy (not always, but some), and avoiding them can keep you from growth and change.

This has been hard for me to work on because most of the time I don’t even realize I am doing it. But I am more conscious if it now, and I know it will be a good exercise for me to learn to tackle an argument instead of glossing over it.


I didn’t used to be… I never had to keep a planner or write anything down.  But now, if I don’t make note of something I am not going to remember it.  Period.

I have always kept a simple planner for appointments, but I am beginning to learn that I need a nice planner and I need to have it with me ALL THE TIME.  If I write it on a note I will lose the note.  Make your planner like a part of your body and look at it often.


A lot. I have always been that way, but as life gets busier and I try to cram more into each day my sleep seems to suffer.  Which makes so many other things suffer too.  I am trying to get better at making sleep a priority for the sake of my wellbeing.

As tempting as it is to come home from work and just crash, I try to frontload my evening as much as possible.  I try to get my tasks done when I first get home, then I am able to shower earlier and watch some TV with my hubby, while still getting to bed at a decent hour.


I have always been more content to be home with a book or TV show than out at an event or party.  For the longest time I thought that this was just a personality trait and I needed to push myself to get out more.  However, as life has gotten busier I now realize that for introverts being at home is how we recharge.  We are not refueled or invigorated by activity, but by quiet and alone time.

If you are an introvert and you have a busy lifestyle you must learn to say no to some things. Taking time to recharge your batteries is essential.  There have been times that I have had to say no to an invitation because I knew it was time for me to be home.  People think I’m weird, but I’m ok with that… I know I need it.

Well, you have gotten a little peek inside my mind today.  Hopefully this may be of help if any of you share some of these same traits.  What things do you do to help challenge yourself in the areas you struggle?

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High Five For Friday + Time For a New Project

Hello everyone!  I have missed you all as I have been a post short this week.  However I am lucky enough to have taken a few days off work and I have a four day weekend ahead of me.  I am ready to rest and recharge.  It has been a fun and busy week… here’s what we have been up to!

H54F + Time for a new project www.jilliandanielle.wordpress.com

1.  My hubby and I have just purchased a new home to fix up and sell.  Nate has done several flip houses before (he is a realtor), but this is our first together!  There is plenty to do, and it seems that Menards runs are a weekly occurrence now.  Last Saturday, we borrowed his dad’s Ranger and headed out for supplies.  Hours later, we headed home with 40 bags of mulch, 4 bags of garden soil, enough electrical supplies for 40 outlets and 15 light switches, cleaning supplies and tools, and 5 daffodils that I had picked and was trying to get home safely (probably a bad idea in hindsight)!  As all the mulch was in the back, most of the rest was piled on top of me.

I embarrassed my husband and made him take this picture. It was pretty dark outside, but you can still see my flowers flying high!

I embarrassed my husband and made him take this picture. It was pretty dark outside, but you can still see my flowers flying high!


2. I have begun and am continuing a series on my blog called Oregon Honeymoon Diaries.  We were blessed to have an amazing honeymoon in Oregon, and I am so excited to be able to see these amazing photos on the blog for you all to share.  You can see the first two posts here and here.

3.  These little beauties managed to jump into my shopping basket this week!  Review will be coming soon – spoiler… I love them!

I don't know how I can home with the two most scratched up ones in the store!

I don’t know how I can home with the two most scratched up ones in the store!


4.  Nate and I stumbled across this little gem!  People around here are going morel mushroom crazy and we can’t wait to find some more.  They are just about one of the best things you will ever eat!!!

morel mushroom www.jilliandanielle.wordpress.com

5.  And lastly, I scratched my eye this week while I was removing my makeup (with a tissue of all things).  Unfortunately, it left a little bit of blood visible in my eye and the Doc says I can’t wear contacts until it heals.  So I am in my specs for the time being and I don’t know if my husband can handle it!  🙂

Jill with Glasses www.jilliandanielle.wordpress.com

Thank you all for checking in and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Remember to share this post using the buttons below if you liked it.  🙂  Happy Friday!




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High Five For Friday + Ready For the Weekend!

Hey everybody, the weekend is finally here!  Sorry I missed yesterday’s post, so this will be a little catch-up.  Keep reading for a few highlights of the week, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

tulips-vase edited

1. This has been a crazy week… a crazy month for me, and I am getting ready to enjoy my first Saturday off in five weeks.  I just don’t know what to do with myself.  TGIF!  🙂

2. I made this Sticky Garlic Chicken from Pinterest this week and it was amazing!  The hubby thought it was yummy too and it was super easy to make.  You can find the recipe here at Pinch of Yum

sticky garlic chicken

Click the picture to follow link


3. My mom and I enjoy classic movies and watching them is one of the things we enjoy doing together.  This week we got to see Fiddler on the Roof in one of our local theaters.  It is so fun to have the chance to see these movies on the big screen!  (It’s a great movie too, in case you haven’t seen it!)

4. Nate and I have been having a difference of opinion over a certain pair of pants.  He has a pair of elasticized, green track pants from the 90’s which he still insists are the perfect workout gear.  I insist that all things teal (he claims they are green) and iridescent went out twenty years ago, and I am not sure if I can be seen in public with these pants!  If you agree, let me know and maybe we can send these pants to our next garage sale.

5. I made a Walmart run this week and came out with a handful of beauty goodies.  That was supposed to be yesterdays post, so stay tuned on Monday for a mini drugstore haul!

haul sneak peek

P.S  My husband actually has very good taste and is quite a snappy dresser… a very handsome fella. 😉  That is why this shiny track pant obsession is so stinkin cute!

Happy Friday!

nate balcony

What a dapper man! 😉



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Hello world!

Well, this is strange… my first blogpost.  It sounds incredible, but I really have no idea what to say!  I have a lot of posts already planned in my mind, but it seemed awkward to just jump into them without any kind of introduction.  So in spite of the fact that probably no one is reading this yet, I’ll just tell you about me today.

My name is Jillian, but I’ll call myself Jill since most of my family and friends do.  I recently turned thirty (yikes!) and I live in a small town in Missouri with my husband, Nathan.  Nathan and I were married four months ago and I am thrilled to say that we are completely enjoying this happy, sappy newlywed glow and our family still tells us that we are obnoxiously in love.  Which is quite all right with me, I plan on it staying that way forever.Our Wedding Day

Missouri is a beautiful state for those of you who may not know it. It seems like the east and west coast usually get all of the attention and people kinda forget that the middle of the country exists. But we do, and it is quite a lovely place actually. In spite of the fact that it is usually too hot or too cold, and at the time of writing we just got seven inches of snow… but we will overlook that. We have beautiful landscapes, beautiful people and are far away from the craziness of the bigger cities.Missouri BarnI work full time in the financial industry and my husband works in real estate (sorry, no picture for that… way to boring), and we actually met through work in December of 2012.  My hubby and I love to explore the outdoors and spend a lot of time on mini road trips around our state.  In my spare time, I love fashion and beauty (which can be a dang expensive hobby if you don’t watch it), and I love to cook.  Take a look at my Pinterest board… it’s pretty insane.  I often think how awesome it would be if I actually got to accomplish half the stuff I pinned!

I first became interested in blogging around three years ago.  Before this, I knew that blogs existed, but knew nothing about how vast it was or how interconnected the blogging community can be.  I first made this discovery through Youtube.  I was searching for information on a specific handbag before purchasing it (the Modalu Pippa if you’re curious), and watched a review on Youtube.  Watching this one vlogger quickly led me to other videos, and then I learned that the people making these videos also had blogs!  Life changed.  Ok, maybe that is a little dramatic, but it took my interests in beauty, fashion, cooking etc. and vaulted them to a whole new level as I was inspired by the ideas of others.  Thus, this blog was born!  To help fuel a creative space in my life, to hopefully help to organize it too and to join this community of bloggers that I have come to love!

Although, I follow many blogs, I would say that the biggest inspiration to begin my own came from Kate Bryan of The Small Things Blog.  I felt a connection to her style and her content, along with a appreciation of how she has built her brand and her blog while remaining true to herself.  Check out my sidebar for a link to Kate’s blog and to other blogs which have become some of my favorites.

At this point I want to begin uploading twice a week, but please be patient with me… I am still learning this, and it is much more technical than I expected.  Hopefully you should see new content on Monday on Thursday, and it is my wish that some of you would share these interests and join in this ride with me!  Until next time…Jill

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