CND Shellac Nail Kit

I had the good fortune to borrow a CND Shellac nail kit from my sister-in-law so I could give it a try.  The kit included the UV lamp, nail removal wraps, top and base coats and a bunch of colors!  It was like Christmas for me when my husband brought it home.  He actually took a picture of me as I was so excited… he kept telling me I looked like a kid with a new toy!  I have had gels done before but never shellac, and was trilled to give this a shot since I have heard such great things about CND!
 CND Kit
The kit included simple directions and the lamp was super easy to use, with preset buttons to program the time so you do not have to use a separate timer.  I applied a layer of base coat and quickly cured it for 10 seconds.  I then applied 2 layers of the shellac color (I used the color Rose Bud) and cured it for 2 minutes after each layer.  I then did the same with the top coat (two minutes).  The kit included a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol that you rub over your nail immediately after you finish with the top coat.  The alcohol removes the sticky layer covering the nail and presto!  Nails complete!  It was incredibly easy and the application only took a few more minutes than traditional polish.  Plus it was actually a huge time saver, because there was no waiting for your polish to dry!
 shellac polish Rose Bud
The application of the polish was good.  It was not too thick, but was thick enough to give an opaque layer of polish.  I hate sheer polishes!   I had great coverage in two coats.  My only complaint with application was that I found the actual bottles of polishes a bit small ( 0.25 oz) especially considering the price tag of $14 – $18 per bottle.
The company claims for their shellac polish to have 14 day wear… I was able to wear mine for eight days.  The pictures below show the polish on day eight before I removed it.  I was careful with my application and wrapped to tips of my nails to try to prevent chipping.  On me the polish just seemed to peel off.
 Shellac chipping 2
Shellac chipping 1
I give this product a mixed review.  I loved the smooth finish, easy application and zero dry time.  The downside is, I only got a day or two more wear than my regular polish.  The lamp, base and top coat and polish could retail for over $207.00 if purchased individually (I am pricing from Amazon), so for me it was definitely not worth the investment.  I would simply do a regular manicure at home.  However, I am not ruling out the CND brand.  I have heard great things about their Vinylux polishes and I can’t wait to try them!
Have any of you used Shellac?  What are your favorite colors/brands?   Let me know in the comments below!
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