Easter Recap

Good morning!  I hope you all had a beautiful Easter celebrating our Risen Savior!  My Easter weekend unfolded a little differently than I had planned, so today’s post will be delayed once again.

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Our plans were to go to church on Saturday evening with my husband’s family.  We would then go to church with my family the next morning, followed by brunch at his sister’s and a late lunch at my parents.

I was going to cook Saturday afternoon before church while my husband mowed.  I had barely gotten started when Nate walks back in the door.  He was getting the flu.  He had loaded the mower, aired the tires, and gotten gas then suddenly his sickness increased and he put it all back and came home.

He managed to make it to church Saturday evening (although he shouldn’t have gone).  We can home early and he became very, very sick.  I spent my evening finishing up the cooking from that afternoon and caring for my sweet, sick hubby.

Nate was in bed all day Sunday.  I rose early and went to our events as planned.  It was our first Easter together as a married couple and our six month anniversary as well, so I was definitely missing my partner in fun that day.

Easter Outfit of the Day

Easter Outfit of the Day

I had a yummy brunch with his family and we had an egg hunt and goodies for the kids. The little bird’s nests I made as gifts were a hit.

Pinterest Inspiration for my Easter Bird's Nests

Pinterest Inspiration for my Easter Bird’s Nests

I followed it up with a barbecue at my parents house and more great food!  I took a little of everything home to my sweetie which I am sure he will eat when he is better.

I came home to discover this sweet note and some chocolate that he had left for me while I was gone… I have such a romantic husband!

peek at letter

I hate that Nate spent Easter alone, and I definitely missed having him with me.  But we’re are so blessed to have each other, and these first six months together have been more wonderful than I could ever have hoped. We were able to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, which is all we need for a perfect Easter! 🙂

Sorry for the ramble, regular programming will resume Thursday!  Happy Monday!

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