Five Tips On How To Blog With A Full Time Job

I must admit, before I started blogging I had no idea the time and attention to detail it takes to do it well.  Whenever I read a beautifully photographed and written blog post, I am more impressed than ever before, because I know the work that is put in.

Many of these bloggers are fortunate enough to call blogging their career and devote full time hours to their content.  But how do you tackle a blog if you have another full time job?  I’m here today to share a few lessons I have learned about balancing family, work and blog.

Five Tips On How To Blog With A Full Time Job www.jilliandanielle.com


Family, work and blog… you notice that ‘blog’ is last?  While there is nothing wrong with devoting time and effort to grow your blog, your family was there first.  Whenever possible, I try to stay away from the computer when my family is around so I can devote my time to them.

Also, I’m pretty sure your employer isn’t paying you to blog, so be sure to spend your work hours giving your day job your best.


Chances are, you will only have an hour or so a day to work on your blog, so make your time count!  This was a tough lesson for me, as I am not naturally a self-motivated person.  But a few sessions of sitting down to work and spending my time sorting through a mess or gathering supplies caused me to change my ways pretty quickly.

I include a list of daily blog tasks in my planner and I review them every morning.  This allows me to sort out my priorities and tackle them first.  I attempt to limit my tasks to 2-3 per day, so I can keep things to a manageable limit, and I keep a notepad with ideas for photoshoots and props so I know in advance what I need.


I know how overwhelming it can be to try to come up with complete, original posts every week.  I conquer this by having a stash of posts drafted and ready to go.  Typically, I have 1-2 evenings a month completely to myself, and I use this time to write several posts to have ready for future use.  I will even shoot the pictures to edit later.  This way, I can easily assemble posts each week without much effort!


This is huge for a working blogger!  I definitely can’t be on my phone at work posting updates and scanning Instagram.  Scheduling programs like Hootsuite allow me to prepare my social media updates in advance so it looks like I am right there updating my accounts!  I spend a few minutes in the evening catching up with comments and any extra updates on social media… the rest takes care of itself!


Being a daily blogger is a huge commitment!  And one I feel incapable of tackling with a full time job.  I post twice a week, occasionally three times if I have extra content.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t post every day.  It really doesn’t matter… the important thing is to be consistent.  If your readers know they can count on you for posts on certain days, that’s what will keep them coming back.

I blog because I enjoy it.  I don’t ever want to push it to the point it becomes stressful.  Keep things manageable so you can love what you do!

I hope this helps you if you are trying to adjust to juggling work and a blog.  It took me some time to get a routine down, but it was so essential for me.  Please comment and share your best blogging tips!


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