How To: Apply Powder

Welcome to the next segment of my How To series… each segment of the series will tackle a category of makeup and cover how to properly apply each one. For you beauty gurus out there this may be old news, but I’m hoping this will be helpful for beginners or those who have always dreaded makeup application.  Stay tuned as we work our way over the whole face!

Today’s topic is powder, and we will cover the basics of formulation and application.

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Powders come in more varieties than you might think!  You will choose between a loose powder or a pressed powder, and each has its own merit.  Loose powders typically have a lighter more flawless finish, while pressed powders provide less mess and are easily tossed in your bag.  I tend to reach for loose powders at home, and pressed powders for on-the-go.

Now that you have decided between loose or pressed, you can choose your finish!  Many people think they don’t like powder because they don’t like the matte look, but there are so many other options available.

Do you want your powder to provide some added coverage (MAC Studio Fix) or be completely transparent (Laura Mercier Translucent Powder)? Do you want a matte finish (Urban Decay De-Slick) or a luminous glow (Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder)?

There is a choice for every preference!


Even if you don’t love the look of powder, a light dusting will make other powders (such as your bronzer or blush) apply more easily.

To avoid that cake-y powdered look, take a few minutes to let any cream products dry before applying powder.  Then apply powder sparingly with a big, fluffy brush.  While powder puffs and sponges are handy for quick touch ups, they can create a heavier look when used all over the face.

Baking is a new trend to the makeup scene, and is said to provide long lasting and brightening results!  After applying under eye concealer, pick up a generous amount of powder on a dry beauty sponge.  Press it into your under eye concealer… this will look heavy and obvious, but you will remove some later.

Let your powder “bake” for 15-20 minutes while you complete some more of your beauty routine.  Then using a big fluffy brush, sweep away the excess powder from the baked area.  You’ll be left with a bright, flawless finish that will last all day!

I hope you enjoyed these little tips for the perfect powder application!  If you have any suggestions for powders, either formulas or application, please comment!  I would love to hear!

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  1. I can’t wait till I”m on the phone and I get to tell someone, “Gotta run – my face is finished baking!”


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