My Day In Emails

Today, for a little humor, I thought I would share with you what a typical day of text messages/emails looks like between my husband and I.  Usually we try to call each other over lunch, but on busy days we communicate by email.

Here’s a little sample of an ordinary day…

Handsome Hubby: “Whud up?  How’s my kitten today?  Been busy here, still no sign of those documents I’ve been waiting on……… :(“

He’s has some really difficult transactions at work this week.

Me: “I’m feeling perky today! 🙂  Thanks for putting up with my pitiful self last night!  Ha!  How’s baby?  Did you know Joanna Gaines has a blog?!?!  I just found it!  I’m in heaven. 🙂  Reading things like that inspire me to get my butt into gear.  Love you cutie!  Can’t wait to see you!”

I had felt kinda crummy the night before and was being a grouch, but he didn’t feel well either so he was a saint to put up with me.

HH: “We have another new foam!  Prepare yourself little doe for another tear down!!!  🙂  LOL!”

Sore subject. We have a Sleep Number bed that has some foam layers inside, and the company was sending us two more layers.  We had gotten one the day before, and I tried to tell him to wait… that the other layer would probably arrive the next day.  But no, we had to install one new layer at 10:00 PM and here we are again!  He should listen to his wife.  PS… Little Doe is a cute nickname he has for me… 🙂

Me: “Piffle!  Good thing I’m perky today!”

He thinks it’s hysterical when I use the word “piffle”.  I think it’s a perfect word for such situations!

HH: “My honey is the best! And the hottest!  She’s the bees knees! 😉 lol”


Me: “Baby’s the hottest!!!”

Fresh again!

HH: “Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sonic is having half price wings and we have been planning all week for this special treat.

Me: “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We’re excited about wings.  (By the way, Sweet Asian Chili is the best!)

Silly little emails like this definitely help brighten my workday.  Remember to have fun, your spouse is your best friend.  It’s the little things, you know?  🙂

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