My Favorite Blogs Edition 2 – A Model Recommends

Welcome to this second installment of my Favorite Blogs! I hope you enjoyed the last one, and had some time to check out Kate’s awesome blog!  For round two, I have another beauty blogger, but one with a totally different aesthetic.  Enjoy!

My Favorite Blogs Edition 2 - A Model Recommends www.jilliandanielle.com

Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends

A Model Recommends is primarily a beauty blog with a hefty dose of lifestyle posts thrown in.  The real attraction of A Model Recommends is Ruth’s skilled writing style and fabulous sense of humor!  Of all the blogs I read, this is the one that most often has me laughing out loud… whatever your interest in beauty, I’m sure you will enjoy her posts.

Ruth Crilly, the blogger behind A Model Recommends, is a fashion model from the UK and began her blog after discovering her love of makeup during photo shoots and fashion shows.  When Ruth enrolled in college her intent was to practice law.  She began modeling for some part time income, and as her modeling career grew, found herself unable to walk away from the exciting opportunities she was being offered.

Ruth and her husband had an adorable baby girl a year ago, and in addition to some pretty hilarious posts, this has also inspired her second blog… the maternity and motherhood blog The Uphill.  I’m sure this would be an awesome read for moms with little ones!

A Model Recommends is worth a look… if nothing else, just for a good chuckle.  I do not, however, want to diminish the quality of the beauty content she shares.  Her recommendations are spot on and she goes to great lengths to properly research products to make sure her conclusions are accurate.  Great skincare and makeup tips!

Head on over and say Hi to Ruth, I know you will love her blog!

Ruth’s Blog: http://www.amodelrecommends.com/

Ruth’s Motherhood Blog: http://www.theuphill.com/

Ruth’s YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/amodelrecommends

Don’t forget to follow her on social media!

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