My love of eye creams and my favorite moisturizer

I’ll be honest, I never used to wear eye creams.  Even though I believe that we should all start skincare young, I just never made it a priority and never saw a noticeable difference when I used them.  That is, until about a year ago.  I partially blame this on a busy life and lack of sleep but also, dare I say it, on age.  Almost all skin types become dryer as we age and even with oil prone skin I felt like my under eye area was beginning to show some dryness when I applied my makeup.

three eye creams

So I started trying different creams, some I purchased and some were samples, and I found a few favorites.  So which one am I using now?  Well, three actually.  Three may seem a little excessive, but I find that I like different creams for different needs.  Heck, if you switch between three at the same time instead of one they’ll last longer right?

I have a deluxe size sample of the Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar and love using it for my cream in the morning.  It is lightweight, super moisturizing and absorbs very quickly.  A fast absorbing cream is essential for me on busy mornings.  This is a 3ml size sample and contains quite a lot… I have been using it since January and still have plenty left!

philosophy eye cream

For evenings, I have started using Mary Kay’s Timewise Repair Volu-Firm Eye Renewal Cream.  I feel that, of the bunch, this packs the most punch as far as benefits, but since it is a richer consistency I save it for bedtime so I can let it absorb all night.  It also has a cooling metal applicator that feels great after long days.  My hubby has even been know to request a little of “the stuff with the metal tip”!  I think it is often assumed that purchasing Mary Kay is difficult and that you must personally know a local representative, but their website has convenient ordering that will contact a rep and place your order for you if you do not.

mk eye cream

Lastly, I have the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream.  This is the most revitalizing cream with a noticeable tingling sensation due to the addition of caffeine and ginseng.  I use this if I am hot, uncomfortable or feel like I need a little lift.

origins eye cream

As a little extra mention, I love this Oil-Free Hydrating Gel from Mary Kay!  It is another quick absorbing product that packs a lot of moisture and I use it every morning.  This will be especially nice as we head into the warmer months!

mk moisturizer

Which are your go-to eye creams?  Any recommendations for some budget buys that are worth a try?

Happy Monday!


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