SeneGence Liquid Lipcolor Review

I was recently introduced to the LipSense products by SeneGence.  This is a direct marketing brand sold by consultants, which I had never heard of prior to being introduced to it by a coworker.

Lipsense Liquid Lip Color and Gloss www.jilliandanielle.com

Typically I hesitate to recommend direct marketing brands, because I prefer to be able to go out and purchase products without the hassle and pressure of going through a consultant.  However, I was totally impressed with these products and think they would be worth seeking out!

Bonus… if you don’t have a consultant near you, you can be set up with one through their website and order online as well.

The SeneGence company sells an entire range of beauty and skincare products, but their lip products are definitely their best-selling items!  Their liquid lipcolor and gloss combos are said to last at least 18 hours and that is absolutely true!

Liquid lipsticks are a huge trend right now and I have definitely tried several long lasting lip products in the past.  All of them left my lips dry and flakey after only a few hours and while long lasting, none actually made it all day.

I followed my consultants instructions, applying the LipSense color first in three thin layers to clean lips.  The formula is very thin, almost watery, but builds to a nice color after the third layer.  I allowed the color to dry for five seconds between each layer and before applying the gloss.

The LipSense gloss will provide moisture to your lips and give a super comfortable finish. The formula of the gloss is specifically designed to work with the lip color versus other brands, so you will need to purchase both.

My biggest concern when trying these products is that they would be drying to my lips.  I suffer from chapped lips anyway, and had never found a longwear product I could use.

My lips made it all day without any discomfort or flakiness, and the condition of my lips has actually improved as I have used this!  I doubt any other liquid lip color can claim that!

The gloss is shiny and moisturizing without being sticky, so there is no danger of your hair getting stuck to your lips if you are caught in a strong wind!  The finish stays fresh and does not gather into lines as it wears.

Lipsense Liquid Lip Color in Aussie Rose www.jilliandanielle.com

The shade Aussie Rose after eight hours of wear (the gloss has been reapplied).  This color is photographing slightly light… on my fair complexion it is a mid-tone rose shade.


The gloss will need to be reapplied a couple of times throughout the day, but the color stays put until I remove it at night.  SeneGence sells a remover, but my consultant recommended I use witch hazel instead as a super effective and cheap option!

The LipSense color comes in 81 (!!!) shades and the gloss in 11 shades so you can create countless color options!  They even have a matte gloss if you’re not a fan of the glossy look.  For my first order I chose the shade Aussie Rose with the clear gloss, and I am excited to order more!

The lip colors sell for $25.00 and the glosses for $20.00 so they are not the cheapest option on the market, but one shade will last up to six months with daily use and the convenience of not reapplying is a huge selling point!

I am a surprising fan of the LipSense line… I will admit that I did not expect to be. To find a lip color that is comfortable AND stays put all day is super rare , and I am happy to spend on these items that perform so well.

If you are interested in trying LipSense, check out their website to find a consultant near you!

Have you tried LipSense?  If so, what are your favorite colors?  I would love suggestions!


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