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If I had to summarize the theme of our honeymoon dining in one word it would be… seafood.  We ate so much seafood that by the end of our trip we were almost sick of it.  But we stopped at some amazing places that will stand out in our memories from Oregon.

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When we got off our plane in Portland, we were very hungry so we stopped at the first decent looking restaurant we found which happened to be a local brewery called The Golden Valley Brewery .  We had a couple of nice sandwiches and some awesome nachos, but what we enjoyed most about that trip was the beer sampler.  Normally I hate beer and if I drink it, I take about two sips and hand the rest to my husband.  So I recommend the offerings from this brewery to those that are beer haters, because even I thought they were ok! 🙂

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Once we arrived at our home in Depoe Bay, we set about finding the best places to eat.  We went to the visitor center and gathered advice from several locals we met.  Our “food goals” for the trip were to try as much local seafood as possible, not to eat in any “chain” restaurants and Nate wanted to compare every clam chowder in the area!  We were surprised to learn how difficult it is to find true local seafood, even if you are on the coast… but it can be done.

During the week we stopped at some really great spots, and enjoyed most of them!  One of the restaurants in the area that you will hear the most about is Mo’s.  While it was not at the top of our list, it was still a great spot for large helpings of good seafood, yummy clam chowder and colorful locals.  A few other good spots we hit were Tillamook Dairy Cafe, Dory Cove and Drift Inn.

Out of our whole trip, there were three places that really stood out to us.  They were The Side Door Cafe, Tidal Raves, and The Inn at Spanish Head.  Although we were loving all the seafood we were able to try, towards the end of the trip we were ready for something different.  The Side Door was the nicest little place we could imagine.  It is a very simple building tucked away on a side road that is a bit difficult to find.  They advertise very little and we only heard about them by a recommendation of a fellow traveler.  We discovered that marionberries are a popular fruit of the region, and The Side Door Cafe served a marionberry lemonade that was super yummy!  They had amazing sandwiches that we extremely flavorful, but refreshing at the same time.  It hit the spot after all that seafood and we highly recommend it for a great lunch!

Tidal Raves was one of the first places we went in Depoe Bay and we were really impressed.  The restaurant is built overhanging the water in a little cove.  We waited a little longer for a seat by the window, completely enjoyed our meal.  The seafood was fresh AND local and the sauces and breads were amazing as well!  This was an excellent way to begin our food journey in Depoe Bay.

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If we were to rank our dining spots from our trip, The Inn at Spanish Head would be our number one.  We almost didn’t try it, as we were slightly put off by the hotels appearance.  The building is very themed, with pink stucco and Spanish architecture.  We regret that we did not go there until our last day as we probably would have gone more than once.  The restaurant was lovely, the ocean view was perfect (we went at sunset) and our waiter was excellent.  I believe his name was Jorge.  Nate surprised me by starting off our order with a shrimp cocktail since neither of us are normally big fans.  This was was, without a doubt, the best thing we put in our mouths all week.  It was made with baby shrimp straight out of the local waters and it was very sweet, amazingly fresh and melted in our mouths!  I ordered the cod and Nate the seafood platter.  While we enjoyed the other seafood on our journey, the difference that was made with local and carefully prepared items was staggering.  The Spanish Head also won the prize for Best Clam Chowder of the trip!  We finished with creme brulee and almost immediately wished we could enjoy the meal again!

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Last but not least, the sweetest meal of the trip was one made at home.  My handsome husband surprised me with breakfast in bed one morning, and that was my fine dining experience of the entire honeymoon! Please note the carefully arranged tater tots, sliced banana, waffle and toaster struedel!

Breakfast in Bed www.jilliandanielle.wordpress.com

Have you been to Oregon?  What are some of your favorite vacation dining spots?  Please feel free to comment and if you like this post, please share using the buttons below.  Thanks for reading and Happy Monday!


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