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Today we have a post that I have been wanting to write for a very long time!  My husband and I were married in October and we were blessed to enjoy to most amazing honeymoon that we could ever have dreamed of.

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We had several people ask us why we chose Oregon for a honeymoon… many assumed that a warmer, tropical climate would be more suitable.  Before Nate & I ever met, Oregon was a place we both wanted to go.  We looked into other destinations, but kept coming back to the Oregon coast.  Neither one of us are the type to lie on the beach all day… we wanted to enjoy the beach but still be able to travel about and enjoy the landscape and beautiful scenery.  If this sounds like you, keep reading for some of our amazing experiences!

I have decided to divide this topic into several posts in order to keep them short and sweet.

Travel & Lodging

For our honeymoon, we  decided to fly to our destination and rent a car when we arrived so we could travel on our own.  We flew Southwest Airlines for the first time.  While overall the flights were good, we definietly learned some lessons about flying with Southwest!  With all other airlines I have flown on, I was assigned a seat when I booked my flight.  With Southwest this is not the case.  You are boarded in groups… “A, B and C” presumably based on when you checked in for your flight.  We were given the option to check in early when we booked our flight for an extra fee, which we did not do because we did not know how necessary it would be!

We were early birds... watching as our luggage is loaded in the darkness.

We were early birds… watching as our luggage is loaded in the darkness.

We had an early morning flight and we checked in our tickets the night before.  We arrived early and found out we were in the “C” group.  We still were not terribly alarmed until they began to board.  We were among the last ten people to board the plane!  Not only could we not sit together, but we were separated by a group of noisy kids!  To some this may not be a big deal, but to two honeymooners it was a disappointing way to start our trip.  We had a layover in Denver, and when we boarded that plane we were distressed to find that conditions were the same… minus the kids.

When we finally landed in Portland we were tired, cranky and dreading the process of picking up our car.  Rental car salesman can be a bit pushy and were ready to be on our way.  We rented from Enterprise which we booked through Costco and was an awesome deal!  It went like a dream!  The representative was helpful and soon we were driving off in a 2014 Nissan Maxima… with dual climate control much to my delight!

We were finally ready to roll!

We were finally ready to roll!

We are actually on our HONEYMOON!

We are actually on our HONEYMOON!

We stopped for some lunch and began the 2 1/2 hour drive down Highway 101 from Portland to our rented beach house in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  It was not long before we began to be amazed by the beautiful landscape that we were traveling through.  It was hilly and mountainous with stunning vistas and majestic trees.  The trees were straight and tall, and as endless as we could have imagined.

stunning trees

We found this sign so funny we had to take a picture!  Were you looking for the Cemetery Recycle Center?

We found this sign so funny we had to take a picture!  Were you looking for the Cemetery Recycle Center?


We began to drive out of the trees and stunning views of the coast appeared to our right with the gorgeous mountains to the left..  It was so exciting as we began to anticipate arriving at our home on the beach!

Oregon Bluff

Arriving at our home!

Arriving at our home!

We reserved our home through a company called Meredith Lodging.  They were extremely helpful and accommodating as we planned our trip… they offered us advice on sightseeing and local dining and even offered us a discount since we were honeymooning!  Our stay there was exactly what we had hoped for.

Our home away from home.

Our home away from home.

We had a beautiful two story home called the Looking Glass Inn that sat right on Bella Beach in Depoe Bay.  The main living area was on the top floor with a large balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean!  The home was nicely decorated and had a fully stocked kitchen, an entertainment center with movies and games, and an awesome hot tub on the balcony!  That hot tub was our favorite place to be as we watched the sun set over the edge of the continent.  They also provided bikes and other great things to play with on the beach.  For some great pictures of the interior of the house, click here.

We would walk the beach every morning and then spend much of our days on exciting little road trips!  Many of our favorite pictures of this beautiful state were taken from our car.

or hilly road revised

or bridge revised

bluff view

Our return trip was much less stressful, as we had learned our lesson from the first flight.  We paid the extra fee for pre-boarding several days ahead of time and were able to sit together on both our return flights.  Portland Airport is touted as the best airport in the US, and we loved how easy it was to navigate.  They also boast that they do not inflate the prices for food and services!  We dropped off our car with no hassles, and boarded the plane for our layover in Las Vegas.  I can’t say much good about the Las Vegas Airport, but our layover was quick and we were soon headed home with a ton of pictures and many amazing memories we will never forget.

I will follow up with more posts on the food and sightseeing that we enjoyed on our trip, so be sure to check back if you would like to hear more!  If you have any questions about specific travel details of this trip, please feel free to comment below… and I will try my best to answer!  Also, if you enjoyed this, please feel free to share using the buttons at the bottom of this post.

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