The Dearly Box – A Jewelry Subscription Service

Subscription boxes have become a huge trend.  I believe they originally became popular with beauty boxes such as Birchbox and Glossybox, but now you can find boxes for just about any category… beauty, fashion, food, lingerie, fitness, pets, anything!

I was always tempted to try a subscription box, but I was scared of the commitment.  Many boxes contain products from several brands, and if you didn’t like the contents you couldn’t return them.

Then I spotted The Dearly Box!  The Dearly Box is a monthly subscription box by the company Elisabeth Ashlie and contains 2-4 pieces of their jewelry.  Since I was already familiar with the brand, I knew that I pretty much liked all their designs and figured I couldn’t go wrong with their box!

The Dearly Box www.jilliandanielle.com

Elisabeth Ashlie is an online jewelry company founded and run by Lauren, the blogger behind the fashion blog Lauren Elisabeth.  Coincidentally, Lauren is the sister of Kate Bryan from The Small Things Blog, who actually founded the business with Lauren before moving on to focus on her own blog.  Elisabeth Ashlie has really grown as a company.  They started with their own Esty shop, expanded to their own website, and now curate a monthly subscription service.

In addition to buying directly from their site, you can also place special orders such as custom pieces for bridal parties or just for yourself.  The jewelry on their websites are costume pieces, so they are not made out of gold or sterling silver, but many items can be special ordered in these metals for an extra cost if you find something you love!

You can subscribe for three months, six months, or you can simply order on a monthly basis so you can skip months if you wish.  The box is $29.00 per month for US subscribers (they do ship to other countries for a slightly higher cost), and the price lowers if you commit to a longer subscription.  When you order you select either the Classic + Casual, Glam + Chic, or Signature box based on your style.  You will also select your metal color preference.

I have received three of these boxes so far and have been extremely pleased with each one. The first time I ordered the Classic + Casual box, and received three simple but pretty pieces of jewelry and a cute hair tie.  The other two times I ordered the Signature box, and they seemed to be the best fit for my style.  They contained pieces that were still classically pretty, but made a bit more of a statement.

The Dearly Box December www.jilliandanielle.com

This was the December 2015 box in the Classic + Casual style.  I have worn all of these pieces and am especially fond of the gold studs.


The Dearly Box February www.jilliandanielle.com

This was the February 2016 box and the first I ordered in the Signature style.  I absolutely loved the gold twist studs that are missing from this picture, and was devastated when I lost one the first day!  The purple earrings were a bit of a stretch for me, but I made a point to wear them and styled them with a simple black outfit.


The Dearly Box March www.jilliandanielle.com

This was the March 2016 box in the Signature style, which was guest curated by Kate from The Small Things Blog.  This was my favorite box so far… I loved all the pieces!  I especially liked that they included a long necklace in this box.


I have been so pleased with this subscription service and the pieces I have received!  The aesthetic of this brand really seems to fit my style, and I like to support a growing small business.   You can sign up for The Dearly Box here, or shop Lauren’s designs on her website, www.elisabethashlie.com and her Esty shop, www.elisabethashlie.etsy.com.

The Dearly Box  www.jilliandanielle.com

The Dearly Box   www.jilliandanielle.com

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  1. Looks like loads of fun, but then, I’d have to purge the jewelry cabinet to make room for more…Sigh.

  2. Looks like loads of fun, but then, I’d have to purge the jewelry cabinet to make room for more…Sigh.

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