The Living Proof Experiment

There are a lot of sponsored articles out there right now about Living Proof products, so let me just say right off the bat that this is not one of them.  Living Proof has never heard of me and I paid for all these products myself.


I have a bit of an unusual hair type and have spent many years on the hunt for a shampoo and conditioner that would give me the hair of my dreams. Now I know I am never going to have the super shiny, perfect waves from a shampoo commercial, but if I could simply have hair that was soft, manageable and styled well I would be a happy camper.

I have naturally curly hair that is very frizz prone, which I style with hot tools almost daily. So I need some intense moisture to tame all the flyaways and dry ends.  Here’s where the tricky part comes in… most people with curly, frizzy hair also have coarse hair that can take intense conditioners.  At least this what most of the products tend to be marketed towards.  My hair is extremely fine… plus I have an oily scalp.  So I walk a fine line trying to find hair products that keep my hair hydrated enough without weighing it down or making it greasy.  It is a very fine line.

I had never considered trying Living Proof.  I was intrigued by the line, but the price seemed outrageous and I couldn’t convince myself that it would be THAT good.  It was finally Maskcara’s post about her switch from Wen to the Living Proof No Frizz line that pushed me over the edge to decide to try it.  The biggest draw for me was the claim that it would keep my hair cleaner for longer.

Because I have such an oily scalp, I HAVE to wash my hair every day.  Now I don’t think there is anything wrong with washing your hair every day if it needs it, but if I could go longer and still be clean it would be amazing.  Since I wash my hair every day, I have pretty high standards as far as what clean hair feels like… the bar was raised pretty high!

The first thing I noticed was how much less product I needed compared to my usual shampoo and conditioner… which I was pretty happy about, because as far as I’m concerned this stuff is like liquid gold!



The very first day I could tell that my hair was much softer than usual, and decided I was going to put it to the test right away and not wash my hair on day two.

When I woke the next morning my hair was noticeably less oily than usual, but still not what I considered clean.  It went in with the Living Proof Dry Shampoo which was awesome, threw some curls in to make it look a little fresher and was able to wear it that way.  I also appreciated the fact that the dry shampoo did not have an overpowering scent like most I have tried.


I purchased these products on January 2nd and started using them right away, and I was able to make it, washing my hair every other day, until January 24th.  Living Proof No Frizz claims that it will not build up on your hair over time.  I agree with that… there was zero residue on my hair.  However, I did notice that my second day hair got oilier over time.

I was also amazed at how quickly the dry shampoo ran out!  I began using it on January 3rd and it ran out on the 20th.  It is a fabulous product, but if you ask me, a product of that price should last longer than 17 days.  You are meant to use it generously, but still… maybe make a bigger can?

I have such mixed feelings about these products… there are so many pros and cons.

Pros –

Super soft hair

Clean hair with no build-up

Amazing smell

Slightly longer between washes

Need only a small amount per use (shampoo & conditioner only)

Cons –

Extremely expensive

Dry shampoo lasts less than a month (even less if used daily)

May not extend wash time for those with an extremely oily scalp

Bottom line is… I will probably not buy the Living Proof products on a regular basis.  They are not bad, in fact they are probably among the best I have tried.  I will miss this super-soft touchable hair.  I may have been swayed if I could stretch the price by using them every other day.  If they were cheaper they would probably be my go-to items.  The dry shampoo was amazing, but you would have to buy two at a time just to keep up with the use!

To spend that price for hair care on a consistent basis I expect them to live up to a level of perfection that they did not quite reach.  If budget is not an option, then I highly recommend them.

So the search is still on.  If you have any suggestions for some cheaper alternatives, please leave your favorites in the comments.  Have a great day!

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