Travel wishlist – Top 5 places outside the US

I have the travel bug!  Even if it is just a simple road trip, I love to see new people and places.  My husband and I have a blast simply spending time in the car exploring our state, but there are other places all over the world we would love to see as well.  We have never been outside the US, and who knows if we will ever be able to journey to these incredible places, but here is the list of my top five.

I plan to start a little travel series here on the blog, so stay tuned if you want to see more travel related posts.


I can not remember a time in my life when I have not wanted to go to Italy.  I have had a love of history from a young age and, to me, Italy has always seemed to be the pinnacle of historic and artistic artifacts.  Besides, Italian food and pasta are my absolute favorites!  I would sit as a child and pour over travel magazines, planning my “someday” trip.  The two places I would love to see most are Rome, for all it’s visible history and it’s impact on world culture…



… and Florence, for it’s art, architecture and food!



To me, the lure of Israel lies in the beauty of it’s religion and the mystery of it’s land.  As a Christian, the history of the Jewish people is ours as well and I think it would be a life changing trip to visit the land of our Lord.  This beautiful country lies in the barren dessert of the middle east, and I would love to spend time there exploring both the historical sites and the diverse modern cities.



This one may be one everyone’s list.  Ireland is known for it’s breathtaking natural beauty and fun, welcoming people.  If you talk to those who have been fortunate enough to make the trip, most will tell you that the country is as picturesque as it appears.  It would be so fun to travel with the comfort of speaking your own language and yet explore a land so different from our own.  I can only imagine the beauty this nation has to offer!

hills of ireland


This one may seem a bit odd to some, but the large nation of China has always drawn me to visit.  This country has had such a long and monumental history.  From centuries of royalty and emperors, to it’s decent into communism, this country does not do things small.  I am curious to see the juxtaposition of the beautiful antiquities such as the Terra Cotta Soldiers, the Great Wall and beautiful temples versus the endless apartments to house an oppressed people.  As China begins to embrace small amounts of free trade and capitalism, safe and enjoyable travel is becoming possible and I would love to have a guide to lead me through the beauties of China.



Number five was a bit of a tough pick.  It was the last choice and there we so many awesome places to choose from!  I ended up selecting Germany for a personal connection.  For both my husband and myself, the majority of our family heritage is German and my family has been able to trace our German roots all the way back to the 1600’s.  This nation holds many sightseeing marvels such as beautiful villages and castles and modern, progressive cities.  To see the impact made on this country by two world wars would be staggering as well, but for me the most powerful moments would be the chance to walk the streets where my ancestors before had walked.


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The Oregon Coast - As taken on our honeymoon

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  1. What a great travel wish list! I spent some time touring Europe and loved both Italy and Germany! Venice, Italy is so breathtakingly beautiful it was the highlight of that trip for me!! Hope you’re able to check some of these of your list in the years to come! 😉


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