Valentine’s Day Treats Inspired by Pinterest

Last week I shared a few of my favorite Valentines gift ideas that I have snagged from Pinterest. This time, I thought I would assemble a few suggestions for yummy treats you can make for your family, friends or teachers.

I think that Valentine’s day gifts with a personal or homemade touch are the best, and that anyone would appreciate these thoughtful treats. Might I suggest adding some of the free Valentine’s printables from my last post to your gifts?

Valentine Blondies –

I think these red and pink M&M’s would look cute in regular browines as well, but there is something about the color of the blondies that really make them stand out! They are yummy too, I made them last year!


Heart Shaped Eggs –

I love this simple idea for making heart shaped eggs for your kids (or kids at heart)! Just make sure you use metal cookie cutters.

Red Velvet Peanut Butter Blossoms –

The dark chocolate and deep red color of these cookies gives them an elegant touch.

Cupid’s Float –

Whip up an ice cream float with strawberry soda for a fizzy, pink Valentines drink!

Dark Chocolate Avocado Pudding –

For the healthy eaters in your life try making them this dark chocolate pudding.  You cannot taste the avocado (it even passed the husband test) and it is sweetened with agave.  Throw some fresh raspberries on top for some Valentines color!

Fruit Kebabs –

Use pink and red fruit, including watermelon cut into heart shapes, to make these healthy, refreshing kebabs.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries –

Everyone pays a fortune for chocolate covered strawberries, but they are incredibly easy to make at home.  Simply melt a bag of chocolate chips of your choice (I prefer dark chocolate) along with 1 tablespoon of shortening or coconut oil. Dip the strawberries and add sprinkles, or let them chill then drizzle with another color of melted chocolate.


Happy Valentine’s Day!




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  1. Oh wow they all look so delicious! <3

  2. Oh wow they all look so delicious! <3

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