Weekly Roundup – Dog Days & Date Night

Happy Friday all!  Can you believe August is just three days away?!  I can’t.  Because that means September is just around the corner, which means that fall is just around the corner, and I’m not ready for that!  Except for boots.  I’m ready to wear boots.

Weekly Roundup Dog Days & Date Night www.jilliandanielle.com

This week we experienced a minor cool down after the hottest week of the year… we’re talking it’s 95 instead of 105 with 1000% humidity (extra zero is not a type-o).  You couldn’t walk to the car without breaking a sweat, so 95 is feeling pretty good!

Nate and I tried our hand at making salsa for the first time this week, and we were pretty pleased with the results if I do say so myself!  I will try to get the recipe up for you all soon!

Fresh Garden Salsa www.jilliandanielle.com

I got a bad cut on my pinky finger this past week, and have been sporting a pretty impressive bandage.  This means I can’t bend my finger, and I’m walking around with my pinky stuck out all the time.  I feel like a proper British lady at tea… I may be assuming a British accent soon.

Nathan and I are headed to a local theater for date night this evening to watch a live production of an Agatha Christie mystery.  We love live theater, and it always feels like a special occasion when we get to go!  I’m gonna be wearing these new wedges… I’m in love!  The brand is Aquatalia, which is an Italian brand, and I found them on sale at a local boutique.  I believe this style is discontinued, but the Aquatalia brand is sold at Nordstrom.  Very high quality shoes!

Aquatalia Wedges www.jilliandanielle.com

This week I shared about another favorite blogger, and also about what I do to try and combat negativity and choose joy.  Check back next week for my July Favorites and a new series starting on Wednesday!

Choosing Joy www.jilliandanielle.com

Photo courtesy of Wonderfelle

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend as we welcome a new month!

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  1. OMG your opening paragraph. Yes. That is also me. Just add in a line about pumpkin spice lattes. Have a great weekend! We love live theatre too so hope you have the best time!

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