Weekly Roundup – Fall Frenzy

Happy Friday everybody! 🙂  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve checked in here, but I’m excited to be back.  Thanks for stopping by… please read on to see what’s been up here lately!  If you enjoy these weekly posts, be sure to check out some other great bloggers through the link ups below!


The biggest thing that’s kept us both so busy this past month is work.  Since my sweet hubby is self-employed his schedule can definitely be undependable, and while he’s had a great month, his work has kept him working long hours and getting home late.  I have taken on a new job title at my 8-5, and have been training for the past three weeks.  I am LOVING the new position and the work involved, but it has meant later evenings for me as well, along with some seriously overloaded brain cells!  That’s life folks, and we’re loving it!

Since things have been so hectic lately, we made it a point to take a few days and get away over Labor Day.  We took a brief trip to Kansas City, and it’s a perfect town to sightsee if you ever get the chance!  They have a fabulous art museum for a town it’s size and it’s free!  Union Station always has great exhibits and things to entertain, as well being walking distance from other great attractions.


Union Station – Kansas City


Nelson Atkins Museum of Art – Kansas City

While at Union Station, we visited the somewhat controversial exhibit Body World.  While I wouldn’t personally recommend it for kids (although there were a ton of kids there), I think it is an extremely thoughtful and humbling experience for adults and definitely worth seeing.


Because of it’s impactful nature, I couldn’t bring myself to take any pictures at the exhibit.

September made it’s way in with 90 degree temps, but that did not keep me from decorating for fall!  I am just simply ignoring the fact that it feels like the dead of summer outside.  Perhaps I’ll wear a scarf tomorrow!


Glass Pumpkins – This season from Costco

After my little hiatus, I did manage to get one post up this week… another addition to my How To series.  This on is about powder and you can check it out HERE!  I will do my best to get posts up as regularly as possible during these next to weeks of continued craziness… I promise a post on how I use my planner will be coming soon!

How To Apply Powder www.jilliandanielle.com

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a snuggly, pumpkin-ey September!

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  1. Love those pumpkins!!

  2. That Union Station looks so beautiful! I have never been to Kansas City but I have heard great things. I am jealous you saw Body Worlds, I have always wanted to see it and missed it every time! http://mymonochromaticlife.com

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