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Hello all!  Happy Friday!  Is it hot where you live?  It’s been boiling here!  Missouri is such a strange place… it’s dry because we need rain, but the air is oppressively humid.  This is a state of extremes.

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We got to start off the week spending some great time with amazing friends.  We don’t live close, so we don’t get to see each other often, but whenever we do it’s like we were never apart.  Those are really the dearest friendships.

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Flashback Friday to some early makeup experimentation – Friends that play together stay together

I did some extra cooking since we were having company… this lemon pie recipe from Joanna Gaines was epic!  SUPER easy and beautiful too!  This warm spinach artichoke dip went perfectly with some evening drinks.

I ordered my new planner for the upcoming year!  So excited, it should be arriving any day!  No hints… I’ll be posting about it soon!  This week’s edition of My Favorite Blogs was about Katie from Cup of Tea… you can read Edition 3 HERE.

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I won a country ham this week from my work, purchased from our local county fair!  Have you ever cooked a country ham?  Waaaayy different from a ham bought at the store.  You have to soak the ham for at least 24 hours before cooking… fingers crossed this turns out!

Country Ham www.jilliandanielle.com

I am hosting my family for the Fourth of July, so it has been a busy week preparing for a fun weekend!  The fourth is also my dad’s birthday, so I will be making him a yummy ice cream cake!  I layer an oreo crust, chocolate & vanilla ice cream, chocolate candies (I use Reese’s, Kit Kat’s & Heath), whipped cream, and I make a flag on top with raspberries & blueberries!   Yum!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Fourth of July with family and friends, and remember to take a moment to reflect that we are blessed to live in the United States of America.

For this post I am linking up with 5 on Friday, High Five for Friday, & Meet @ the Barre.

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  1. Can’t WAIT to hear what planner you chose! I love planners. So much fun cracking open a brand new one. Sigh… Hope you have a happy 4th!

    • jilliandanielle says:

      That post should be up this coming Monday. I’m excited! I love new planners too… they always give me hope that I’ll actually be more organized this year! 🙂

  2. That ice cream cake sounds fantastic! Yummmmm! Have a great weekend!

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